Location: Washington, DC
Client: Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation of the District of Columbia
Completed: 2009
Type: Existing Conditions Assessment & Prioritized Preservation Plan

Washington National Cathedral was built over a span of 83 years from 1907 to 1990. It is the sixth largest Gothic cathedral in the world and the second largest in the United States. JMA Preservation was hired to review and assess the existing condition of the Cathedral and to develop a long-range Preservation Plan.

JMA Preservation’s architects and conservators climbed and crawled in, on, and under all spaces and elements of this amazing structure in order to see and photograph all materials and elements. From this extensive review, they were able to evaluate the current condition. When interior assemblies could not be viewed, JMA Preservation researched by reviewing original drawings and talking with the masons and other maintenance staff who have long tenure in the care of the building. The final report made prioritized recommendations for the immediate and long term care of the building.