U.S. Naval Academy Nimitz Hall Library

Location: Annapolis, MD
Client: NAVFAC / U.S. Naval Academy
Type: Renovation

The renovation of Nimitz library, named after Navy Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, updates the main floor by taking a fresh look at the amenities of the library. MTFA designed a centrally located multi-media-purpose room, updated the bathrooms to include new family and lactation rooms, and opened up the main floor to the exceptional waterfront view. New flexible seating encourages group activities, engagement, and creative thinking.

The 50’ + glass wall that visually connects the new multi-purpose room with the reception desk area offered great potential to receive a super graphic that would be exciting and informative while creating some filter between the spaces. With unanimous enthusiasm, (and since it already was part of the concept DNA) the USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier section and elevation was selected to be the super graphic. Inevitably pointing towards the newly reclaimed waterfront view (as if on its way out), the ship reconnects users with the library.