Location: Columbus, OH
Size: 42 Historic Buildings and 2 Cultural Landscapes
Client: The Ohio State University
Completed: 2005 (Professional Services)
Type: Historic Building Survey and Preservation Management Program

The Ohio State University is historically significant for its architecture and landscape and for its place in the history of American campus planning. Sited along the Olentangy River north of Columbus, Ohio, the core historic campus grew from its beginning as a land-grant college in 1870. It is distinguished by a collection of monumental late-nineteeth- and early-twentieth-century masonry buildings facing the Oval, an elliptical park-like open space.

In 2003, a Getty Campus Heritage Grant funded preparation of The Ohio State University Historic Building Survey and Preservation Management Program (PMP). OSU engaged JMA Preservation to undertake this complex preservation planning project. The goal of the PMP was to assist university decision-makers, planners, staff, and facility managers in preserving the historical integrity of the campus, while accommodating change and repair. Because the university is the steward of a rich collection of diverse historic buildings and landscapes, historic preservation considerations were germane to both routine maintenance and plans for future work.