Location: Washington, DC
Size: 9,500 Square Feet
Client: U.S. General Services Administration
Completed: 2012
Type: Government Child Care Center

The Department of Interior (DOI) child development center is part of a much larger renovation of the DOI building in Washington, DC. The design of the Department of Interior (DOI) Child Development Center represents a theme relating to the purpose of the agency — to protect natural resources and heritage, honor our cultures and tribal communities, and to supply the energy to power our future.

The site provides for a long, double-loaded historic corridor. The corridor was enlivened by incorporating unique mural walls and totem poles at each classroom entry door. The rhythm of the historic doors, openings, and tile flooring are preserved. The theme of the DOI continues in each classroom featuring a color palette and patterns from American Indian art and landscapes. The center is certified as LEED Platinum