C2 portfolio

Location: Chantilly, VA
Size: 14,510 Square Feet
Client: C2 Portfolio
Completed: 2017
Type: Commercial Offices

MTFA provided design services to this human resource outsourcing company who sought to work in an office space which represented their boutique service.

C2 Portfolio’s commitment to seamless operational support for their clients called for a work space where employees have easy communication between departments and a flexible work environment. MTFA designed this 14,510 square foot open office to provide and encourage cross-pollination of ideas and experience in the workplace. Workstations are organized around various casual meeting areas to acknowledge the vital role “third places” play in today’s collaborative work environment.

In addition to the synergetic workstation area, MTFA understood the sensitive information this company often handles. Private offices and conference rooms are discreetly located throughout the space. MTFA balanced open office area and closed office requirements to help leadership and associated departments provide both security and a full-service experience for their clients.