Westminster Presbyterian Church

Location: Alexandria, Va.

Project type: church addition and sanctuary renovation

Client: Westminster Presbyterian Church


  • sanctuary renovation
  • acoustic improvements
  • pipe organ renovation
  • library and narthex renewed
  • classrooms for Sunday school
  • child care facilities
  • building system renovation

This phase of a larger master plan is consistent with the church's vision for a well-managed church campus reflective of its core values and signature ministries of preaching and music. The design focused on providing a fresh expression and formalizing the sanctuary while updating lighting, acoustics and sight lines.

This community church is found in the suburban neighborhood of Alexandria, Va. Due to the limited size of the site, the master plan and the resulting project focused on transforming the interior of the existing buildings, while creating a friendly gesture on the exterior with landscaping and restriping of the parking lot.

The sanctuary renovation allowed greater focus on the chancel area while providing increased liturgical space for worship and the choir. Angling the existing pews created a more intimate sense of gathering for those in worship. A new coffered ceiling improved acoustical quality and provided a new lighting approach to make reading easier. The project also involved the renovation of four floors of education buildings updating HVAC, IT, electrical systems, life safety, waterproofing and finishes.