St. Paul's Rock Creek

Location: Washington, D.C.

Project type: religious

Client: St. Paul's Rock Creek


  • cemetery ground renovation
  • visitors center
  • energy upgrades
  • landscaping
  • conference center
  • child care facility
  • fellowship spaces
  • elderly care facilities

Established in 1712, St. Paul's Rock Creek is a beautiful sacred space and enjoys a tremendous heritage of distinguished regional service as a church and a cemetery. MTFA Architecture developed the master plan for this 86-acre campus.

Analysis of the site recognizes that for more than two centuries the church and the surrounding community have continued to evolve yet retain a symbiotic relationship. Preliminary work created a consensus of values, evaluated the physical plant, analyzed existing space, created maintenance objectives and developed a progressive approach to a long term site management strategy.

The master plan calls for enhancing the spiritual beauty of the site, creating a welcoming presence, interpreting the heritage of the site and developing opportunities for revenue programming to provide economic sustainability. The short term projects involve improving way-finding systems on site, introducing a child care facility and increasing the facilities for conferences. Long term opportunities address community needs including adding a welcoming fellowship space connected to the historic church, providing a visitors center, adding a new elderly care facility, expanding day care facilities and reducing roadways by adding new grave sites.