National Community Church Coffee House

Location: Washington, D.C.

Project type: religious and mixed use

Client: National Community Church


  • church offices
  • fellowship hall
  • media center
  • retail outreach coffee shop

Preserving the corner facades built in 1908, this site was transformed from an abandoned eyesore to the retail mission of a dynamic church. The renovated and expanded 6,130-square-foot, three-story building is multifunctional. The main level of the building expands the historic structure to create a coffee shop. The lower level provides overflow space and offers a meeting room for musical and cultural events as well as church activities. The upper level accommodates small offices for the church pastor and staff.

Located on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., the property is adjacent to a historic district made up of residential town house structures and directly across from large-scale commercial office buildings. The design serves as a transition between these two areas.

The existing historical masonry facade was renovated and restored while the structure was also expanded to cover the site. Formally playing off the rhythms of the residential towers of the adjacent townhouses, the facade stitches glass and brick to link scale and form. The design distinguishes the original building while turning the corner with a building mass that continues the street edge and scale of the adjacent residential buildings. More importantly, the addition is at once compatible with the residential context.