Hillwood Museum and Gardens

Location: Washington, DC

The Hillwood Museum & Gardens is a legacy of Marjorie Merriweather Post, one of America's first businesswomen. An art collector, noted philanthropist, and socialite, Marjorie was the only child of Charles William (C.W.) Post who founded the Postum Cereal Company, a food-manufacturing empire that generated one of the largest fortunes of the early twentieth century. His death in 1914 left the heiress the owner of a rapidly growing cereal company. In the 1920's she oversaw the evolution of the Postum Cereal Company into the General Foods Corporation.

Mrs. Post had a passion for collecting art and antiquities and had a strong desire to share her collection with the public. In 1955 she bought the Georgian-style Hillwood mansion and its 25 acre estate to serve as her principal residence and had it enlarged and redesigned to provide a showcase for her extensive collection. By 1958 she had hired a Harvard trained art historian, to catalogue her collections, adviser her on acquisitions and implement standard museum practices at Hillwood. On her death in 1973, Mrs. Post's estate in Washington, DC was bequeathed to the public as a museum.

John Milner Associates Preservation has helped guide Hillwood in a variety of preservation and conservation tasks on an IDIQ basis. Work has included:

•A variety of repairs to the structures in a design-build capacity •Managing and overseeing the work of craftsmen and contractors in the conservation and preservation of architectural woodwork, slate and wood roofing, and other tasks •The restoration of windows at the mansion •Installation of a wood shingle roof replacement at the Adirondack Building •A conservation assessment for four Cold War-era fallout shelters In preparation for the development of a master plan for the 25 acre site and its 14 structures, Hillwood enlisted JMA Preservation principal John Mott to serve as advisor to the selection committee. As part of the master plan effort, JMA Preservation was responsible for performing a condition assessment of all buildings working for the master plan firm, Ann Beha Associates.