Bodie Island Lighthouse

Location: Outer Banks of North Carolina

Located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, near the town of Manteo, is the Bodie Island Light Station, a collection of buildings constructed by the U.S. Coast Guard c.1872 to serve as an aid to navigation along the Atlantic coastline. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the Light Station today consists of the historic lighthouse, oil house, and light keeper's quarters along with modern storage buildings and a comfort station. After more than a century of service the Coast Guard transferred ownership of the lighthouse to the National Park Service by 2005. Despite the change in ownership, the lighthouse continues in service as an aid to navigation, but the hoped-for visitation by the public has not been achieved due to physical problems.

The lighthouse and oil house had suffered deterioration in their architectural and structural components because of the harsh conditions of the coastal environment and, in some cases, inappropriate maintenance treatments. The exposure to years of moisture, wind, and salt air had the most significant impact on their condition.

Following a condition survey by others, JMA Preservation was retained as the preservation architect on a multi-disciplinary team managed by Hartrampf, Inc., for the purpose of developing stabilization and rehabilitation methods.

The principal item of repair was to the cast-iron components of the upper portion of the lighthouse and to the circular stair and landings. Repairs were also made to the windows, doors, wood trim, ventilation system, masonry, marble finishes, and other architectural components.

Completion of this work will allow public visitation with management by NPS.