Monroe Place

Location: Rockville, MD
Size: 7-story building
Type: Multi-Family Urban Mixed-Use

Working closely with Main Street, a non-profit organization that empowers adults with financial, mental and emotional needs with purpose and independence, 50 Monroe Place provides temporary and permanent affordable housing and emergency shelter for families in need. This project aims to create an inclusive bustling hub on a tight metro-accessible site in Rockville, Maryland. Infused with Main Street aspirations, this 7-story mixed-use residential building engages the street level with a café-bakery where people with financial or special needs can learn and practice life skills, work skills and social skills while interacting with the community.

The circular entry drive safely wraps the non-profit bakery leading to the main building entrance. The entry lobby is lined with additional interaction opportunities in the cyber-café, fitness rooms, yoga studio, cooking class rooms and movie room.

Parking to serve the residents and staff is provided under the complex while vistas and access to the public park beyond are preserved.

Monroe Place transforms a vacant lot into a vibrant and essential participant of the physical and social urban fabric. Here, residents of all types live in harmony and community needs can be met through
meaningful work, play, connecting, learning
and by feeling inspired.