On May 23rd, 2017 JMA Preservation, a division of MTFA Architecture, will be honored at DAR Constitution Hall as a DC Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation winner for the Cosmos Club’s Warne Ballroom Restoration. This award is cosponsored by the Historic Preservation Office, the DC Preservation League, and Daughters of the American Revolution. The house was designed by Carrère & Hastings with interiors by Jules Allard et ses Fils for Mary Scott Townsend and was celebrated in Architectural Record in April 1901. It is individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places and designated as a District of Columbia Landmark. JMA Preservation evaluated, designed and administered the restoration of this Louis XV-style room including the following elements: gilt and painted ornamental plaster and woodwork, over-door paintings, coffered ceiling with central tondo, arched bays for windows, doorways and mirrored panels, and oak parquet floor. The room had grown worn from years of hard use, accumulated grime, roof leaks, and small-scale repairs. The restoration efforts conserved as much historic fabric as possible while preserving the historic character of the room as it was from 1901-1915. Restoration efforts began in 2007 when a master plan was developed; in 2012 restoration of architectural finishes and fine art occurred. The restoration to the 1901 ballroom was completed in 2016 with installation of draperies.

JMA Preservation is privileged to be considered among leaders for Historic Preservation in Washington, D.C.