Location: Baltimore, MD
Client: U.S. General Services Administration
Type: Government Building Interior and Exterior Repairs

The U.S. Custom House is a masonry load bearing, Beaux Arts building that was built in 1907 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is owned and maintained by the U.S. General Services Administration and encompasses a whole city block in downtown Baltimore.

MTFA’s work to rehabilitate the exterior envelope started with an investigation and report on the existing condition of the building’s exterior. Based on the recommendations of the report, we received noticed to proceed on a second phase which included: replacement of the flashing and gutter systems; repointing of the upper masonry parapet walls; complete replacement of the existing roofing, including removal of the existing cooling towers; repair, repointing and cleaning of all exterior masonry; repair and refinishing of all windows, doors and ornamental metal elements on the building’s exterior; removal and replacement of custom windows in the call room; and installation of new bird control devices on all exterior elevations and interior storm windows.