Location: Washington, DC
Size: 4,000 Square Feet
Client: U.S. General Services Administration
Completed: 2004
Type: Preservation and Adaptive Re-Use for Multi-Media Conference Facility

MTFA was responsible for the design of a new conference facility space in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, an extraordinary 1880’s historic building. The original, but utilitarian, grand space was restored by removing a series of more recently constructed offices and modern elements. The challenge was to design a presidential setting that would marry the technological opportunities of the 21st century with the design heritage of the 19th century.

Elements of the solution include: a raised access floor (for flexible data-com, power, and HVAC) with authentic decorative hardwood finish; a faux double wall to conceal ductwork and provide a closable niche for a teleconferencing video wall; historic moldings to conceal return air openings; fabric acoustic panels for sound attenuation; a partial furred ceiling with special historic-appearance acoustic plaster; accommodating flexible modern lighting; re-creating historic gas-era chandeliers; and a polychrome paint scheme inspired by those original to the building.