Eisenhower Executive Office Building President's Conference Facility

Location: Confidential

Project type: conference facility

Client: General Services Administration


  • conference facilities
  • teleconferencing
  • technology
  • contextual, historic response

The design for this new conference facility space involved an original space that was restored by removing a series of more recently constructed offices and modern elements. Technology was integrated within fine wood detailing to create an appropriate setting for the president of the United States to meet with the press.

This facility was designed within the Old Executive Building which is an extraordinary 1880s historic building adjacent to the White House. Elements of the solution include a raised access floor for flexible data communications, power and HVAC. Finishes include an authentic decorative hardwood, a faux double wall to conceal ductwork and provide a closable niche for a teleconferencing video wall, historic moldings to conceal return air openings, fabric acoustic panels for sound attenuation, a partial furred ceiling with special historic-appearance acoustic plaster. Flexible, modern lighting is provided within recreated historic gas-era chandeliers. A polychrome paint scheme was inspired by those original to the building. The design for this project successfully married the technological opportunities of the 21st century with the design heritage of the 19th century.