Visioning Workshop

Visioning Workshops are a unique master planning and consensus building tool that MTFA Architecture evolved and fine tuned for the past two decades. Through this process, we aim to understand the true lifestyle and values of a client group, and we work together to assess a unified vision for growth.

Much of our planning for the workshop goes unnoticed in order to create an informal and fun environment that is conducive to collaboration. Guided by MTFA Architecture, clients select participants as the first important step. Our goal is to create a true cross section of a group. Then, through a series of workshop sessions, we lead the group through a process assessing current building use, community image and issues related to potential growth. The introspective process results in “design drivers” that become the foundation for all design work.

Throughout the process, the client group is called to represent what they did to their constituencies. This keeps the larger group that they represent knowledgeable, informed and in line with decisions that have been made. The visioning report, design drivers and phased program become a stable and strong foundation for master planning and design to proceed.