Lutheran Church of the Redeemer Early Childhood Facilities

Location: McLean, Va.

Project type: early childhood facilities

Client: Redeemer Lutheran Church


  • classrooms
  • multipurpose room
  • fellowship hall
  • music suite
  • offices

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer is an active, growing church and school that retained MTFA Architecture to provide full master planning and design services. The master plan more than doubles the size of the existing facilities. The first phase of the project provides new early childhood classrooms, commons and recreation facilities.

The master plan and the site dictated that the classrooms, recreation and administration space would be increased while keeping the school in full operation. The solution was to first extend the school at the rear of the site and then expand the facility at the front of the site.

The design solution is based upon an internal "town center" concept. From this orienting and safe entry place, the "main street" allows for organized interior circulation to all education spaces. The pre-school facility met or exceeded all child care licensing regulations. Classrooms have sufficient space, equipment and storage to support a developmentally-oriented child care program during the week while allowing the space to be used by other members of the congregation during weekends.