Pinecrest School

Location: Annandale, Va.

Project type: elementary school

Client: Pinecrest School


  • four traditional classrooms
  • arts and science classroom
  • computer lab
  • multipurpose room
  • central lobby
  • administration spaces

The design for this grade school employs low maintenance and cost effective materials that focuses light, energy and activity on specific programmatic elements. The project reinforces the goals of the school by creating a creative and playful environment for children, while also emphasizing the importance of academics.

A master plan of the overall site initiated this project in an effort to link this new building to the existing campus. Inspired by the surrounding context, the gabled roof brings scale to the new building and evokes a sense of home that can be comforting to young students.

The new building has distinct spaces for classroom, administrative and shared functions while maintaining a seamless flow through the implementation of a corridor that bisects the middle of the building, acting as an impromptu commons for the school. Large expanses of glass in the lobby and multipurpose room create a welcoming atmosphere for occupants. The multipurpose room also adds a playful spirit to the building - a pleasant counterpart to the more traditional classrooms. The classrooms become learning laboratories with special attention paid to the programmatic functions. Natural light is in abundance, especially in the arts and science classroom.