Loudoun County Advanced Technology Center

Location: Ashburn, Virginia

The Loudoun County Advanced Technology Center is a new 318,000 square foot science and technology school in Loudoun County. It is envisioned to consolidate vocational training programs with STEM education and technology application labs to serve a wide cross section of high school and community college students. Organized around an orienting "Main Street", the program brings together six different educational sectors around central administration, food service, an auditorium, exhibit areas, and student commons. This programming and concept development study for a new high school is the initial step in the replacement of an aging vocational and technology school while co-locating and expanding a very successful LCPS science research and educational program. While the two programs are separately administered, the goal by creating a new facility to host both programs is to create meaningful synergies to expand, extend, and enhance the educational potential of each so that outcome is far greater than just the sum of the parts. The image of the building is intentionally less institutional and provides a corporate research park personality to the more traditional Loudon County architectural heritage of familiar brick pilasters and gabled forms. The building is carefully sited and designed to blend into the landscape transitioning a large educational campus adjacent to a mature residential neighborhood.