Langley High School

Location: McLean, Va.

Project type: high school addition and renovation

Client: Fairfax County Public Schools


  • classrooms
  • teacher preparation areas
  • update of building code requirements
  • stairwell and circulation

This classroom addition design is respectful of the existing high school while modernizing the architecture within the campus. The egress and connecting stair at the end of the building is expressed in glass to be a beacon of light at night and to capture natural daylight during the day. It transforms a back of the house security concern to an open and orienting, informal and safe gathering space.

The addition was located in the southwest corner of the site to provide a new expression of entrance to the school for the community and to balance the program areas within the school. This 2-story addition eliminated the need for temporary classroom modules on site and provided much needed classrooms and program areas. It also addressed many fire- and life-safety code issues.