Deng Malual Library and Education Center

Location: Duk County, Sudan

Project type: library and educational center

Client: Southern Sudan Institute


  • library
  • classrooms
  • offices
  • computer training facilities
  • conference center
  • visitor accommodations

This library and learning center is a symbol and resource for enlightenment and hope through literacy and general education. It will provide vocational training in agriculture and information technology to offer the indigenous resources for self determination and self sufficiency.

More than a decade since the civil war that displaced thousands of young boys and girls from their homeland, Sudan continues to be a divided nation. In the midst of this situation, one of the Lost Boys, John Bul Dau, conceived a great vision for his country in the form of a library and learning center as a means of transforming his people and country.

MTFA Architecture developed the master plan which calls for a first phase that secures library stacks for the first 5,000 books, classroom, offices and computer training facilities, photovoltaic electric and generator backup for environmental control of books and computer access. The final phase will be the implementation of a center for excellence in education for agricultural and technological training to help the Sudanese train their own people in the most advanced technologies for agricultural development. It will also be the hub from which satellite library branches can be located across Duk County in Sudan. This phase includes a regional conference center, accommodations for visiting teachers, foreign exchange students and research scholars.