Urban Exchange

Location: Harrisonburg, Va.

Project type: mixed-use retail and residential and urban revitalization catalyst

Client: Matchbox Realty and Management Services


  • apartments
  • retail
  • pocket park

Inspired by both civic presence of the early masonry architecture that defined the town center and the agricultural and industrial heritage that helped the town economy to proliferate, this urban design solution aspires to transform an abandoned used car lot into a catalyst of revitalization. The project replaces an unused lot and an unoccupied building with 194 apartments and approximately 15,000 square feet of street level retail space.

Designed to satisfy the urban lifestyle and housing needs of a growing university and expanding hospital, this pedestrian friendly mixed-use project seamlessly blends past, present and future architectural sentiments. By extending the town center, this project provides the necessary energy to the renewal and sustainability of urban living.

The project features a dramatic modern design aesthetic using common, cost-effective and easily maintained materials such as corrugated metal siding, fiber-reinforced cement siding, asphalt shingles, brick and aluminum clad windows. A heavily landscaped courtyard between the buildings creates a pocket park accessible from the street and available to all residents. This project has received multiple awards.