Burning Tree Club

Location: Bethesda, Md.

Project type: golf clubhouse

Client: Burning Tree Club


  • dining
  • lounge
  • bar and grill
  • locker rooms
  • board room
  • administrative spaces

This project respects and restores the rich heritage of Burning Tree Club while creating unique spaces to address functional needs.

Working closely with the client, a comprehensive master plan for the building was developed to facilitate multiple priorities to take place during the off season for minimal disruption to the members.

The renovation included the dining area, lounge, bar and grill, locker rooms, board room and administrative spaces. Historic artifacts and artwork from members and guests of the club were elegantly displayed and lighted to showcase their importance to the clubs legacy including clubs of U.S. presidents. MTFA took care to preserve and highlight the existing exposed timber structure of the main locker room and renovated an existing storage space on the second floor to provide additional locker room area. Upgraded lighting brings proper focus to the distinguished flags of military and government branches that proudly hang among the heavy timber rafters. New lockers take their design inspiration from the modest existing metal lockers to avoid any hierarchy among members.

Burning Tree Club graciously acknowledges MTFA Architecture for the insight they brought to the project. The renovations helped Burning Tree be recognized as one of America's 50 Greatest Golf Clubhouses by Golf Digest.