Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion

Location: Ashburn, Va.

Project type: commercial, hospitality

Client: Ashburn Village Community Association


  • new and renovated locker rooms
  • group exercise rooms
  • spaces for children and teens
  • multipurpose spaces
  • administration areas
  • indoor tennis and racquetball courts
  • indoor basketball court
  • indoor running track
  • expanded outdoor pool
  • playground
  • splash park
  • amphitheater
  • green roof, photovoltaic panels, living wall

Simple organic forms rise up from the landscape and create an intentional transition between old and new in this master plan that updates an aging recreation center, creating a new identity.

A series of phased additions revive the character and function of the architecture as they physically expand outward and allow the once inward facing pavilion to welcome the community. Living landscaped walls and berms create a garden buffer and park setting for the residential neighbors.

Updated fitness facilities, along with new space for children, teen and active adult programs, indoor sport courts, an elevated running track, and purposefully designed indoor and outdoor community spaces improve the daily functions of this sports pavilion. Steel canopy tree structures mark entrances and become sculptural icons within the village. Sustainable design features, from vegetated roofs to photovoltaic panels, reduce the operational cost of the facility while nearly doubling its size.