Firm Introduction

For more than two decades, we have noticed a few things about our diverse clients and projects... each is unique, yet each has benefited from collective values and synergy with each other and intentional design discovery followed by personalized implementation.

The enduring quality of institutional projects, fiscal planning savvy through commercial work and the rigorous accountability for historic and secure government buildings are all inspired by collaboration. We produce projects that distinguish our clients and their constituents in the communities in which they live, work and play.

We listen first, then facilitate creative solutions, achieving consensus to reconcile any conflict. Our mission is to positively shape culture, commerce and people's lives through innovative solutions for the built environment.

We are committed to design excellence and service to our clients. We work collaboratively to solve what are considered impossible challenges. We look at alternatives while discerning reasonable risk with sound purpose and lasting value.

By forming working relationships built on trust, integrity and respect, MTFA Architecture builds consensus around appropriate design drivers that facilitate lasting solutions. We guide our clients toward responsible and sustainable growth while creating value for our clients. Our work forms important links to its context by being environmentally sustainable and socially formative.

The resulting architecture is clear, creative and beautiful - both timely and timeless. We know design excellence hinges not only on sound ideas but also on technical proficiency and constructible quality. Our ability to successfully combine these invaluable elements continues to lead to award-winning work ranging from small additions to multimillion-dollar master plans.